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Why Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?
Simply put, CNG is an alternative fuel that offers similar engine performance to gasoline and diesel with lower costs and lower emissions.
But the benefits don't stop there.
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CNG is a domestically-produced fuel, which means that it comes from the USA and is not subject to the reliance on foreign governments and organizations that we have with conventional fuels. Also, the USA is one of the world leaders in natural gas reserves, meaning that we have enough to satisfy the needs of future generations. Because CNG comes from a stable part of the world it is not subject to sudden and repeated price jumps, and CNG infrastructure benefits the American economy as a whole. Compared to gasoline and diesel CNG is also much more environmentally-friendly, as it is cleaner-burning and produces lower emissions than conventional fuels.
Natural gas-powered vehicles (NGVs) experience similar performance to diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles, with the added bonus that they are actually safer. CNG storage tanks are much more well-protected than gasoline tanks in cars, and in the event that the gas tank is punctured CNG will dissipate harmlessly into the air rather than create a potentially hazardous situation.
Finally, CNG's rapid growth has caused a significant expansion in national infrastructure, with new CNG refueling stations opening every week. Additionally, state governments have begun to embrace CNG and are offering significant incentives for adopters of NGVs and CNG conversions. They recognize the benefits of having more CNG-powered vehicles on the road, and are willing to offer significant benefits to people who choose to use CNG as an alternative fuel.
Our Services
KTISIS provides full-service solutions for fleets and individuals looking to convert to CNG. Because we are partnered with CNG service providers we have the capability to develop innovative development and research models for fleets interested in CNG conversion, and we are also capable of developing and manufacturing custom engines and fuel systems to ensure personalized results for our clients. Additionally, with our advanced expertise in motorsports you can be guaranteed that we will be providing the design, modeling, and testing necessary to get the absolute most out of your NGV. If you are interested in CNG conversion, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Because we work with individuals as well as fleets, no potential project is too big or too small.


Custom Applications

Why spend extra capital on buying new vehicles or equipment when you can gain the same savings by retrofitting your existing assets? At KTISIS, we specialize in providing custom solutions to retrofit a wide variety of fleets and industrial equipment to run on natural gas. We can perform our work at your facility to minimize downtime.

Give us a call at (586) 799-2140 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to discuss your application.